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  1. There have been a few comments about me wrongfully taking money from StockX, which I completely agree with. My reason for making this video was not so that I could scam them out of $278, it was just a necessary step in the proccess of making this video to test their customer support. I am 100% willing to return the money to StockX. If a rep from StockX sees this video please feel free to reach out to me so that can be arranged.

  2. The problem for me is your are pretty much showing people how to scam them. I wouldn't show the step by step process you used. Maybe skip a few steps. Haha.

  3. "this didnt happen to me, i dont know why you all are complaining about" , cool. but it can happen and has happened to other people, just good to know and let this stuff out in the world to fix these problems

  4. I'm pretty disappointed that you took part in fraudulent activities, and made sure to tell everyone "how easy it was". Fraud in multiple aspects, 1. Mail Fraud. 2. defrauding a company. 3. Stealing ( if by some chance senone else would have been able to grab that card faster than your friend). The company lost revenue and provided a $40 discount to the "customer" I don't agree with this at all! The definition of Controlled is ALL parties knowing what's going on, the item should never have left stock X, Stock X should have been aware ( upper management) so when the card "passed" they could intercept it and you could have legally completed this task in an actual controlled way. Bad form!

  5. If you didn’t come clean to StockX, isn’t this video just evidence of you defrauding them of $277? 😂

  6. Yea I'd contact StockX to return the $ ASAP before you get into legal troubles.

  7. Awesome. Good to know. Now all I need is a bunch of old GeForce boxes and a heat gun

  8. They had to break the seal, yes. But they could simply re-seal it with their own stickers that are saying "verified be StockX".
    If they want to go even further they couls communicate that with the original retailers so they know about this process, just in case and just to be super safe about it.

    I am most surprised that UPS didn't loose that Graphics card, or took 5 times as long to deliver it like they did with mine. – I paid express delivery so it arrives the next day and it didn't. Then they lost tracking of the package and when I claimed a file they finally made it to ship the sh the next day – but still a week to late…

  9. I remember I ordered a used GTX 1080 from Amazon warehouse in 2016 and it had a Quality Assurance inspected sticker on the box. I opened the box and it was a 980 ti lol

  10. StockX is just as much of a gamble as EBay always has been. Ya they supposedly verify the item they sell is legit but as been proved here & in other videos stuff slips tru where they ether didn’t verify or couldn’t tell the difference themselves. There’s also been vids complaining that the refund buyer protection is not painless as shown here and buyer was screwed so a gamble there as well never mind all the fees they charge the seller and buyer for them supposedly verify when stuff like this still happens and they fail on there end of supposedly verifying when at times they don’t or they do verify and then say something fake when it’s not or real when it’s not.

  11. The solution is StockX recording their authentication process and referencing it when they inspect what Matt sends back. If the contents match their original authentication photo/video then it’s the buyer who scammed. Mistakes could happen during authentication if someone doesn’t know what a video card looks like, but at least they could confirm whether it was the same thing.

  12. The authentication service is really for the seller's sake. It should make it harder for buyers to claim they got something fake. Without this verification, usually the seller gets shafted when a buyer lies.

    Despite their lack of checking, I can still see this as a useful place for both buyers and sellers. They will take the fall for items they let through, thus encouraging people to sell (and buy) without risk. I've had some high-dollar things I've wanted to sell for many years but haven't due to the high risk.

  13. Next is to fake the actual PCB and die.. Like most Aliexpress scam graphics cards are…
    where its legit until you check the actual GPU die and verify the PCB barcodes if its even there…

    Would require to have a reseal on the screws since there is always a void if tampered stickers over a screw or two.

  14. Also btw that sticker isn’t just for electronics, I got a coupon for being a vip in their discord so I bought a hot wheels rlc car and they put a sticker on the protector

  15. The foam inside looks different if you look in the before and after, maybe they opened, but didn't care at all, strange

  16. Is any one goin to mention how he got free money he never sent that money back and plus they got a refund so stockX gave him a free 200 sum dollars😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  17. Guessing they're just going to take the loss since they can't tell which side scammed them

  18. I’m a little late to this video, but this seems easy for StockX to resolve for the most part, and you hit the nail on the head. An X-ray machine ran by a couple guys who are actually knowledgeable in the tech space would be the most effective, least invasive option.

    They could scan the box once they receive it, and if anything looks questionable, they could reach out to the seller and request permission to open the box to verify the contents. If the seller agrees, they open it and either refuse the sale and send it back to the seller, or verify it and send it out to the buyer. Perhaps for items that the value is contingent on it being sealed and new in box, they could send a picture of the X-ray to the buyer, and they can either confirm the purchase to receive the item, or refuse; at which point the item remains at the StockX center until it is bought again, or the seller cancels and it gets sent back to them (seller pays shipping in this case).

  19. If they're going to stick their owne "Authentication sticker" on it, they may as well open it and male sure its the correct product. It's so easy to fake things these days (case and point, this video), if they're going to take the brunt of the cost of a fake product shipped, they may well go the whole 9 yards.

  20. good on them for not giving anyone a hard time, but regardless I would never deal with them. this is a fine example of their flawed authentication process. Get an x-ray machine do it the right way or something like checking baggage.

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