Make a GUI text editor in just 15minutes C#

Make a GUI text editor in just 15minutes C#

Make a GUI text editor in just 15minutes C#

Heres a guide on making a GUI text editor in 15 minutes, coded in C#, programmed in visual studio.

Visual studio-(download the community edition and choose basic install)

my form1.cs file with all the code from this video-

After you are done click the run button and close the program, your .exe will be in
My documents/VisualStudio/projects/Projectname/Projectname/bin/debug/Projectname.exe
(replace Projectname with your projects name)



  1. I like to watch people coding stuff. I am a Programmer myself but this video gives me the feeling that he not really knows what he is doing. I am quiet sure that the code he copied isnt even from him. Why i think this? 09:28 He says that the line of code "checks if the SaveFileDialog is okay[…] and not in use[…]". Thats totally wrong. This line gets executed when the user is clicking on the OK button on the dialog… So please if you make video to show some Programs and how to code it, learn what the code does. Code it yourself and you know exactly what you doing.

    PS: I know that the video is over 4years old, but i wanted to mention this anyway.

  2. This video taught me quite a bit about using the new Visual Studio. I was trained in 6.0 (don't laugh). I hadn't realized so much could be done at design time now. I was resizing and positioning everything at runtime. I imagine that more done at design time compiles to a faster executable.

  3. When I click on a menu header, the background turns light while it's selected. Is there any way to fix this?

  4. Thanks Bro you are just a life saver.
    Would like to ask if the richtext box is like Microsoft word page that can insert more pages. If not how can achieve it.
    It would be great if you can make a video on that
    Thanks in advance

  5. At 720p, i cant read the text on your screen. The video compression is too strong. I had this problem with the last video I watched too.

  6. I dont want to use ms products i want to use a basic text editor like notepad only not visual studio!

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