1. Wow… Peeps are really ignorant of data bandwidth and why there's no unlimited. No your analogy on a running tap isn't the reason there's no unlimited plans for 5G. Given the research I had with Smart and Globe from the Philippines, I can tell you the reason is basically for their bottom line.
    Bandwidth is more like having a constant high pressure full tank supplying water to every apartment in an estate. Now an apartment can leave the tap running which may reduce the pressure for another client. Now you can create more tanks but that's expensive. Or you can limit the amount people can use so as to make sure no one uses too much water for laundry or so…

  2. Hello fisayo, how many data do you use in a month? I'm asking because I know you will consume more data than me.

  3. Your location testing is not complete until you test in mainland, like yaba, SURULERE, shomolu, and few others

  4. Hey Fisayo, lovely video. What is the average time between ordering a modem and the pickup date?

  5. Since they did 5g their network has been Worse than GLO and they are going evil Literally taking away all Reasonable bundles ugh

  6. so if i get this 5g modem i can use the wifi on mobile phones that dont support 5g like redmi note 10 pro and even on laptops?

  7. Does the 5g Sim card come with the modem? And again what are the disadvantages of the modem?

  8. Would I need to register the SIM card that comes with the router at an MTN office before usage? Also, where can I get the power bank for the router please?

  9. This router is alll good but how about mobility? — are we expecting a 5g Mi-fi? Cos man that stuff is huge! I can’t go around with backpack all day cos of a router

  10. Do I need the MTN 5G router here in Nigeria if I already have the Heynetflex in my home? Or should I rather get a 5G SIM for my Heynetflex.
    Please let me know. Thanks

  11. I just got mine today but there’s no 5g coverage in my area what do I do ? And I’m using an iPhone

  12. thanks for your video. i just want to confirm you can use the router in a non 5g location, even if its just making use of the 4g on the router

  13. Hi Fisayo, I love your content!
    So, quick question, does the Router come with a 5G SIM? Or, I'd have to get a 5G SIM separately?
    Also, is there a way one can get a power bank (like the HynetFlex's) for the 5G router?

  14. I saw your picture on one investment site, I want to confirm if you endorsed site?

  15. I bought a Hynetflex but it didn't come with a power bank like you say yours did. Wonder why products can't have the same content.

    My Hynetflex is now so terrible it keeps tripping off and on even when it's constantly plugged into power.
    This frustrates my job as most of what I do is online.

  16. Pls bro u said it cost u 70gb to test,is it that to do the speed test it took 70gb after u did all your speed tests

  17. I heard about this and up until today thought: "🧢". But if all this is true, then I'd still rather keep my Ngcom fiber 💀subscription even if I'm hard capped at 50Mbps while paying 22k a month or so. With Ngcom, I get ping under 2ms when I use Speed test, which is already insanely useful for me as a tac fps gamer on PC. The insane bandwidth is enticing, but if the plans aren't unlimited, then it's much more expensive to use in the long run, and not worth it for me, who's busy burning bandwidth downloading large games and watching Twitch streams and YT videos in the highest available quality 💀

  18. Guys, 5G is demonic. It's from the devil as a way to start the New World Order and usher in the Antichrist. I used one recently and I've started growing rabbit ears.

    Beware of this device.

  19. Hello, please can you test the CODM ping in the area you get up to 1GB/s. If the ping is not less than 60ms then either MTN or CODM is not serious.

  20. I kinda ordered one from the mtn store and paid already since last week but the status keeps showing processing, how long do you think it will take to be available for pickup or something is wrong?

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