One person dead after "police incident" at Intel plant in Chandler

One person dead after "police incident" at Intel plant in Chandler

One person dead after "police incident" at Intel plant in Chandler

A 50-year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly killed one of his co-workers and injured another at an Intel plant in Chandler Saturday morning. Officials say the individual who died suffered from blunt-force trauma. Another person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. Police believe those involved were co-workers at Intel.

More on the incident:

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  1. Crazy I work for Intel a couple crimes in a row insane madness for well good company

  2. Wow 2023 has been a terrible year of news if your a Intel worker. I work in the Chandler site and got bad news last month about all the steps there going to take from us having a bad Q4. There’s no reason to hurt someone if it is layoffs or anything like that. All Intel workers are going through issues with the recent announcements and just hoping and praying will get through this. Sorry for the person who lost his life. Very tragic news

  3. I used to deliver chemicals to that place. It's a very unfriendly environment and those guys talk a lot of 💩 about each other. I always thought a day like this would come along. Not surprised at all.

  4. Abc15 communist news save it..we will let police update us on facts not woke triggered conjecture. Shut down your networks your worthless

  5. I used to work at Intel Corporation. Great company. The work was tough, but you had great benefits and perks too. So sad and tragic.

  6. Thank you for all the help abc15
    When I email you many times about what happened to me, and what is still happening to me and my family.. no one help not even you guys the supposed to tell the truth about the community..

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  8. Don't jump the gun on your releases like this. It seems rushed and provides nothing of newsworthiness. This could have been a banner notification.

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