We Put A GPU on the Steam Deck

We Put A GPU on the Steam Deck

We Put A GPU on the Steam Deck

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0:00 – How We’re Doing It
1:12 – Sponsor
2:19 – Setting It Up
3:20 – RTX 3080 Ti
4:24 – USB-C Hub
5:00 – Booting Into Windows
5:55 – Checking the BIOS
6:20 – RX 580
7:10 – In Windows
7:40 – RTX 3050
7:51 – GTX 1060
8:14 – RX 6600 XT
9:25 – Broken Windows
10:05 – It’s Working!
11:11 – Elden Ring
11:57 – Cyberpunk 2077
12:48 – Ray Traced Cyberpunk
13:14 – Back to Maidens
13:43 – Unequivocal Success

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Presenter: Brett Sticklemonster
Videographer: Kyler Himes
Editor: Abigayle Rose
Thumbnail Designer: Kyler Himes


  1. valve: here's a portable machine you can carry anywhere
    random guy: okay but i want it paired with bulky fan and huge monitor

  2. The lanes to the gpu will be reduced put the nvme over usb-c if the usb-c has dedicated lanes

  3. Who sais that display over usb-c won't work lol every android device is capable of such from USB 3 and up display link over usb will output video ofer such bus got it

  4. What if you plugged the gpu into an m.2 slot in an enclosure/dock and booted from the microSD? Would it work? And if it does, how much worse would using the port be than the built-in m.2 slot?

  5. Not gonna Lie your voice and face it has to bee like Steve haines From gta 5 it has to be….

  6. Playing PC –> Steam Deck is the best. 4090 checkt. Steam Link is top Technologie. Steam deck 2,3 oder 4 ??? PC ist a Besst & up to date.

  7. Simple, Its a custom firmware programming on the BIOS that does not allow NVidia video card type device on that slot. Dell did it with their early Optiplex SandyBridge support. If a CPU has a built in APU, the PCI express will not allow videocards. If the CPU was a XEON without an APU, you can install a videocard on the PCI express slot.

  8. Can i be sincere?i Loved your Experiment,but i Hate LTT,because he is a Linux Hater,i dont like him till his last fingertip….i wanna invite him to a Beneficient Kickboxing event…

  9. This is my first UFD Tech video & I honestly thought his blond hair must be his trademark. He should keep it blond!

  10. Ugh I don't like this new look but sadly looking like a cartoon character might help you get clicks. I'm sure ninja wouldn't be a name without his stupid hair…

  11. You need to leave SteamOS on the steamdeck and use an AMD graphics card because that will be supported by the existing driver!

  12. If you get the gpu working in steam os you should get better fps, I saw some videos where windows was making the cpu bottleneck worse

  13. Gonna go on an extremely long ignorant rant but I'm not really sure why companies haven't figured out what people want, all these tech higher ups are like.. guy number 1: "it's a handheld.. people would be disappointed if they couldn't play every single game that this device could possibly ever be able to run on its own unless it's on the go" Jerry down in marketing: "Yes true, but why not when people inevitably want a dock like the Nintendo switch to make this handheld capable for high end extreme upgrades and we could make docks at different price ranges from basic hdmi to hdmi with other ports upto decks that could support the best gpus and cpus out right now?" Guy 1: "shut up Jerry, you have the worst ideas, don't you know that'll cost more money? How did you get into marketing? Don't know you that would also cost the consumer more money for even a baseline steam deck making the SD unavailable for the majority consumer market? We make quantity, not quality, we want $$$, not praise for our consumer welfare. Don't you know that would prevent us from hooking our customers into a perpetual 'gotta have the new one' mindset for when we eventually release the steam deck 2 with its only upgrade being an audio jack or some bullshit with other lies and a small boost to performance? Ever heard of quality control? Its not just about making sure we hit a standard or improve, its about maintaining the standard. You cant go too above and beyond or we only have one time customers. We're not here to outperform our competitors. We're here to to be just slightly above pace, exceed in innovation, and guarantee that theres wiggle room to grow for the next forseeable 100 years" Also I'm probably just running my mouth because idek if the other components to the steam deck could even run with those kinds of upgrades without making the whole deck a lot bigger in the first place, I'm not super tech savvy but I'd imagine it's like trying to put a powerful turbo in a shit car running a crazy tune with a stock block it's like why? You wanna blow the car up?

  14. use a HDD instead for hotswaps…. i actually use them… better than SSD or sd if we're just debugging coz they will just work if they spin you can't detect when sdd or sd corrupts… unless windows for some files corrupt

  15. the way that i see this is that you could potentially build bigger and better docks for the steam deck that way you would not need to do all this wiring

  16. You know if you dyed your hair brown I think you would look exactly like Tom Hanks

  17. So just to make sure I got it right, the bottleneck is mainly influenced by two parts. cpu performance + using the m.2 slot as the connector for the gpu
    Besides having a better apu in the future, are there different m.2 slots that could make the connection send and receive data faster?

    I'm lacking knowledge on m.2 slots so any help would be appreciated

  18. Could you maybe theoretically replace the usb c port with a thunderbolt port?

  19. It would be so so freaking!!! cool if you could crossfire the internal gpu and the external gpu's!!!!

  20. Did you know because of your video with steamdeck and gpu config, valve has now changed the pci express spec down to 2 lanes

  21. Nice! Now probably 2nd gen Steam Deck can have egpu port. C'mon Valve make it happen.

  22. This is what I envisage a "Nintendo Switch Pro" should support. A higher performance Switch (HDR, OLED, higher resolution screen, faster etc) for improved handheld mode, that comes with a Thunderbolt dock that contains additional GPU power and cooling allowing the output to be boosted to 4K HDR etc.

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