Top 25 BEST Nintendo Switch Games in 2023

Top 25 BEST Nintendo Switch Games in 2023

Top 25 BEST Nintendo Switch Games in 2023

The 25 best Nintendo Switch games in 2023 is finally here! These are the best Switch games of all time, including Pokemon, Zelda, Mario, Xenoblade, Dragon Quest, Splatoon, and more! Today, I have my top 25 Switch games 2023!

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  1. Wish splatoon 3 would fix the servers to me that’s what makes 2 better wish it was more active and maps on 2 are way better

  2. Half of the games are Mario.. if you couldn't do a real top 25 then just don't man this is laziness and a waste of time.

  3. i'd put FFXII on the list as well. to be honest it is my fav game of all times for nostalgic reasons but i think it's still amazing on the switch

  4. Just got my Switch OLED last week and got a good amt of games. Got FE: Engage, first time FE player (only know Marth, Roy, Ike from Smash), and the characters are so unfamiliar that none of them mean anything really, so I got Fire Emblem Warriors, seems decent but looks like I should have gotten Three Houses and Three Hopes instead huh? Especially since they're a pair, maybe FE Warriors will get me familiar enough with characters so enjoy Engage even more, which was my goal.

    Got Metroid Dread and got stuck almost instantly, lol. BotW had been my go to for the entire time. Xenoblade Chronicles 3 starts off ungodly boring with the attack system and just how much workforce building the needs to be to even understand. Shin Megami Tensei 5, started but didn't feel very compelled bc I sunk too many hours into Persona 5 and it seems pretty much just like that lol. Bayonetta 3, starts off kinda boring too, er, just not a hook to draw me in at all. Never played the other ones. Should've hit Age of Calamity instead of Hyrule Warriors Definitive lol I forgot that was for Wii U originally, dayum. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle Royal R seems like it doesn't give ANY context to anything, no story lol, I don't get anything going on at all. Smash I got all the DLC and unlocked s decent amount of characters before I got BotW.

  5. XENOBLADE has one of the worst gameplay ever, fighting is slow and very mechanic, no free fight, need to to wait to do any move you want and the animation is very slow looks like the game has lags or is broken when attacks.

  6. When he said Skyward Sword was the best Wii game of all time I threw up a little bit

  7. Yet another garbage list of Switch games. Both Pokemon Sword and Scarlet above the likes of DQ11 and Three Houses and Xenoblade?? Skyward Sword?? Not a single Monster Hunter on here. Splatoon 2 somehow over 3?? Throw Hades on there but no mention of Dead Cells or Stardew? Bro what the hell are you smoking?

  8. Breath of the Wild is in my all time top 3 games, what a ridiculously good game it is

  9. Would’ve liked a list to games exclusive to the nintendo switch but great list nevertheless.

  10. What No Destiny, Elden Ring, Returnal, God Of War, Forspoken 😂…PS5 Is A Real Console For Adult Gamers…👎. Yes…Wind Up ?

  11. Super Street Fighter 2 Arcade always will be the best fighting game ever made though! 😉

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