C# Interview prep: 50 Question and Answers

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  1. Lol, watching this video has made me feel like I need to study for a few more years before I should even think about interviewing. I feel so stupid 🥴

  2. Thanks! I noticed you have a bug in your CopyTo command (you copied it to itself instead of to marksCopy)
    should be
    int[] marksCopy = new int[3];

  3. Video is great, but there is mistake on question 33. you should write: marks.CopyTo(marksCopy, 0); and not marks.CopyTo(marks, 0); and I test now this method create deep copy not shallow copy us you sad.

  4. This is a great video! Thank you! Will you make more interview question videos? Topics like SOLID in C#, web API, .NET core, Blazor, MVC, etc. More Design Patterns would be nice too. I was asked in an interview what is the Yield keyword purpose. Only Break and Continue are in the video. Thanks 😀

  5. Thanks for the video! Just thought I'd point out that for Q.39 it seems like you forgot to change the graphic in the bottom left.

  6. I got C# Masterclass course for my College Training so this will help me a lot to answer many questions in my exam. 🙂

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