JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course in 12 Hours (2022)



  1. Hi Qazi,

    If we have same key and value in object we can make more clear code just put only one key for value also

    const getPersone = (name, shirt) => {

    const persone_with = { name, shirt };

    return persone_with;


    console.log(getPersone("Qazi", "Black"));

    I like your teaching style. Keep it up.

  2. Hey great tutorial but when I was at 1:08:40 and trying to do the sum exercise, I can't seem to find the link to the place where I can see my console where things show up. In your video the page where the link is looks completely different than what mine looks like. Please help.

  3. If this course lives up the claim of being for absolute beginners, I will sing praises to the author and this course forever. I am trying to get through a paid online JS course and it has left me so confused that I need to see this information presented clearly before I attempt to finish it. Here goes nothing!

  4. Assalam o alaikum great mentor. I am facing an issue I am not able to get that console as you getting My just showing the projects of yours and as well as shell no console how to get it. Also want to ask If I put files in another folder and write code It donot run but same code If I write in yourPlayGround.js it runs perfectly fine. Please guide anyone help tp resolve these two queries. Thankyou Jazakallah

  5. Just amazing, I have almost finished this 12 Hours Long Tutorial and i would like to say this is the probably the best ever JavaScript Tutorial on YouTube to Start with, Worth every minutes because it has a great focus on Projects and this is what i wanted, Thank You Qazi and Lance for this Course. Cant thank You enough.🙏🙏❤

  6. 1:53:54 this is so close to Python ,I remember years ago when my friend told me to start with JS I got sick of the syntax ,learned other languages, now I am coming back to this because I need to just for myself and that es6 is just tasty

  7. I have a question
    He has 2 JS course on YouTube one is JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course in 8 Hours [2020]
    and JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course in 12 Hours (2022)
    which should i start as a beginner in JS

  8. Im really enjoying this course so far! but I just went to check my work for the first exercise and noticed that there is no "sum" option under "Exercises". All I see is "project exercises" and none of these are for the first practice problem?

    Am I missing something or is it not there anymore? I downloaded the index as well but still found nothing when I opened it, because it was the same as the webpage that is on Replit.


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