Learn Unity Engine and C# by creating a real top down RPG [FULL COURSE][C# Unity Tutorial]

This is a full release of an Top Down RPG course made in Unity 2017 0:00:00 – Intro 0:01:31 – Setting up 0:16:03 – Moving and …


  1. CHITUS馃挋飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富飧烩富 says:

    Quick heads up everyone! I've also been following this awesome tutorial
    but just be aware, that he put the Saving Game's State video part (starts from here 2:15:37) in the wrong order

    there are 3 parts on the Saving Game's State section, the correct order would be
    1. 2:15:37
    2. 2:31:52
    3. 2:22:33

    okay have fun learning everyone! 馃榾

  2. i have no idea why but ever since i added in the spawn point the enemies have stopped chasing my character ive checked that everything in the code is right but i cant find out why this is happening

  3. bro im following this tutorial and i get confuse of why its not working. my dumbass just realize that i haven't put the script to my gameobject.(just found out now)

  4. Just a heads up: at the 7:32:00 ish mark, you need to make sure the Respawn UI button has the OnClick() condition attached to GameManager set to the Respawn() created. Otherwise the Respawn button will simply make the Menu disappear without doing anything.

  5. Hello! I'm new to coding and loving the tutorial so far! I've progressed a lot but now I've hit a wall!

    The code with in Collidable and the chest is not working, it keeps coming up that hits "Is read only" this is the code it does not like : private Collider2D[] hits = new Collider2D[10];

    I have been going over the code for hours and rewinding through the video alongside it word for word re-typing it out and spellchecking everything but I cant find the problem!
    I thought as with the SaveState problems people were having in the video that this would also be a similar one so I have now gotten up to 3:39:00 and I now cannot progress without doing to much code and having to go back through it all.

    The main error I always get and crashes the game is :

    NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
    GameManager.ShowText (System.String msg, System.Int32 fontSize, UnityEngine.Color color, UnityEngine.Vector3 position, UnityEngine.Vector3 motion, System.Single duration) (at Assets/Scripts/GameManager.cs:44)
    Chest.OnCollect () (at Assets/Scripts/Chest.cs:18)
    Collectable.OnCollide (UnityEngine.Collider2D coll) (at Assets/Scripts/Collectable.cs:13)
    Collidable.Update () (at Assets/Scripts/Collidable.cs:25)

    Please help!!!

  6. pls help me with this part 3:29:15 i have done what he says but it keeps telling me that im creating a new monobehavior
    You are trying to create a MonoBehaviour using the 'new' keyword. This is not allowed. MonoBehaviours can only be added using AddComponent(). Alternatively, your script can inherit from ScriptableObject or no base class at all
    UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour:.ctor ()
    FloatingTextManager:.ctor () (at Assets/Scripts/FloatingTextManager.cs:11)
    FloatingText:.ctor ()
    FloatingTextManager:GetFloatingText () (at Assets/Scripts/FloatingTextManager.cs:40)
    FloatingTextManager:Show (string,int,UnityEngine.Color,UnityEngine.Vector3,UnityEngine.Vector3,single) (at Assets/Scripts/FloatingTextManager.cs:21)
    GameManager:ShowText (string,int,UnityEngine.Color,UnityEngine.Vector3,UnityEngine.Vector3,single) (at Assets/Scripts/GameManager.cs:42)
    Fighter:ReceiveDamage (Damage) (at Assets/Scripts/Fighter.cs:28)
    UnityEngine.Component:SendMessage (string,object)
    Weapon:OnCollide (UnityEngine.Collider2D) (at Assets/Scripts/Weapon.cs:56)
    collidable:Update () (at Assets/Scripts/collidable.cs:26)
    Weapon:Update () (at Assets/Scripts/Weapon.cs:29)

  7. Hii, I can't see the debug log at 33:25 , I have written the same code as shown in the video (p.s m new to unity), help would be appreciated very much, thanks : ) Added the code in the reply

  8. Edit: nvrm I forgot to press the start button 馃槄
    I鈥檓 getting 0 references on the box collider even after I鈥檝e added one, and I copied everything he鈥檚 done but when I press W A S or D I don鈥檛 get the stuff in console, Pls help!!

  9. Hey guys! I am creating a game base on this tutorial. Feel free to write me for a link to a playable game builds. My goal is to take this fundametals as far as possible. Will be happy to share the progress. Epitome, thanx for a great entry point to Unity man… loved it! 馃幃馃暪

  10. running into a problem where at 3:23:00 i walk into the enemy and nothing apears in the console, i have him tagged as fighter and everuthing he just dosent get recognised

    i forgot to add the weapon script to the sword

  11. When I start, GameManager is destroyed, if I delete Destroy(gameObject) on the GameManager Awake(), GameManager gets duplicated

  12. Can sameone help me with the chest script at 1:55:55? In the video, when he plays the game, the debug log doesn't show "Grant pesos" all the time but mine does. It seems like the chest script is somehow just running while disregarding the update function in the parent Collidable

  13. 7:32:34 my Respawn button is not working!I reread and rechecked my code a thousand of times but it鈥檚 still not working.If someone have an idea why it is not working pls help

  14. Hey Guys I currently have a problem with my tile palette, it exist but when i open tile palette i dont have a option to open a existing one or to create a new one… Anyone knows whats the problem
    Thanks in advance 馃榾

  15. 1:52:16 this is where my chest dont change prefab and my Debug.Log dont pop up with nothing the only messages i get is the one below
    鈿燙ollidable.cs(23,33): warning CS0642: Possible mistaken empty statement
    鈿燙ollidable.cs(26,13): warning CS0162: Unreachable code detected
    even before with that Debug.Log i have problems any ideas on how i can make it work properly
    you make that chest disappear , my dosnt i need you guys
    鈿燙ollecting.cs(9,28): warning CS0114: 'Collecting.OnCollide(Collider2D)' hides inherited member 'Collidable.OnCollide(Collider2D)'. To make the current member override that implementation, add the override keyword. Otherwise add the new keyword.
    //ALSO my portal i call it doors not working i have same script but it dosnt do anything 2:09:00

  16. I'm at the middle of the FloatingText part, and I have two questions to ask :
    – When did you create the EventSystem game object ? And if you didn't show its creation, what is inside ?
    – Did the player just teleported himself to the Dungeon1 scene, or did you place another player game object in that scene ?
    Thank you for your answer.

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