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  1. midroll in video about a confusing topic (which you acknowledge) = boo. Thanks for interrupting yourself just as I was almost understanding. Now I have to back up.

  2. Okay so I was short on time and I had to write a code snippet using delegates and events. I found this 30 minutes video and some others but being aware of the simplicity of Programming with Mosh, I decided to watch this one. And after completing it "I am here to confirm that I now have a very clear and pretty good understanding of Events and Delegates and can write code using them". Hence, proved once again that Mosh Hamedani is one of the best teachers in explaining things at the most easiest level. Thank you so much, God bless!

  3. One question. I have a class that has an event. Another class needs to know only when it happens and another class needs to know when it happens and one variable of the event class. How would you guys solve this in the best way? One Event with a parameter and one event without or should i make that Event without Parameter and the class that needs the variable directly gets IT from the class?

  4. Superb… I used to be always confused on tie up between event and delagates and how to invoke it. This video gave a very clear picture. Thank you Mosh

  5. Well explained, but also shows how psychic C# is when compared for example with C++/Qt. I'd use signals and slots over events/delegates every bloody time.

  6. I needed to get up to speed on events quickly and this video provided the best walkthrough of the basic concepts and implementation that I've found. However, the coupling between the Main method and the subscribers is at odds with the practice of decoupling. It would be helpful to show the approach where the publisher doesn't needs to know anything about the subscribers. However, the subscribers know who the publisher is and can subscribe to its events from the subscriber class through a reference to the publisher.

  7. Why there is always a video by an indian guy when you search youtube. I get enough amazon prank calls from them everyday….

  8. I think it's the clearest example about how to use Events in all Internet! Thanks Mosh! Would be cool see one of this example using Winforms! Im pretty sure u will received even more views!!

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