ASP.NET Core full CRUD with .NET 5 | MSSQL/MySQL | EF code first

✔️ List CRUD is ASP.NET 5.0, C#, EF code first web applications which help you to create, update delete and read operation very smoothly with cool UI and firster paging, sorting, and searching functionality.

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✔️ Technologies
Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019, ASP.NET 5, Entity Framework Code First, MS SQL SERVER 2017, JavaScript, JQuery data table, bootstrap 4, sweetalert, toastr,Fontawesome etc.

Prerequisite Application
Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019, Dot Net 5, MS SQL SERVER 2017, IIS, Chrome/Edge Browser.

✔️ Steps:
1. Create Model: Database Table adds int DB Context
2. Create View Model: For Display data in UI and data Mapping
3. Create Controller: Manage data
4. Create View: View data
5. Create JS for View handle

✔️ Key Features
+ Full CRUD without full page load.
+ .NET 5.0
+ EF Code first
+ Faster data load with 100k plus demo data loading
+ Faster searching
+ Faster pagination
+ sweetalert
+ Bootstrap Modal
+ Data export
+ Column ordering
+ Clean code with full tech support

✔️ CMD
dotnet ef migrations add InitialCreate
dotnet ef database update
dotnet build
dotnet run

✅ Supports:
If you want to modify or add new features, you can always contact us at,
WhatsApp: 8801674411603
Telegram: shahed71bd
Skype: shahedatomap
Email: [email protected]

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