Web Hosting Explained (for Beginners) | 4 Types of Web Hosts

What is web hosting?

Your website is basically a bunch of files, and without a host, that’s what they are: a bunch of random files with nowhere to go. Web hosting puts your site online.

When you have a website, where you host it can have a big impact on your business. Different web hosting options have their benefits and downfalls, and in this video, Web Developer Alex will tell you all about them.

There are different types of web hosting that work for different types of businesses.

Alex will discuss four types of web hosting in this video:
—Website builders
—Shared hosting
—Virtual private servers
—Dedicated servers

A website builder is a great option for a business that needs a website quickly and wants to be able to make changes without having code experience.

Shared hosting may be best for websites that don’t get a ton of traffic. However, this option may limit your ability to grow.

Virtual private servers and dedicated servers are types of web hosting that can handle more traffic, but you can expect a larger financial investment.

What you choose for your website hosting depends on what you need, so don’t make your decision until after you’ve watched this video!

You’ll get the basics of website hosting straight from one of our web experts.

In this video:
Introduction to web hosting // 0:00
What is web hosting? // 0:56
Different types of web hosting // 1:41
—Website builder // 1:48
—Shared hosting // 2:07
—Virtual private server // 2:34
—Dedicated server // 3:27
Why choosing the right web hosting provider is important // 4:03
Contact us for web hosting advice // 4:55

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