Web Hosting – Computer Networks | Class 12 Computer Science Chapter 10 (2022-23)

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✅ In this video,

✔️ Class: 12th
✔️ Subject: Computer Science
✔️ Chapter: Computer Networks (Chapter 10)
✔️ Topic Name: Web Hosting
✔️ Topics Covered In This Video (By Vardan Sir): Detailed Explanation of the topic Web Hosting from Computer Networks, Class 12 Computer Science Chapter 10 has been discussed in the video.
00:00 Computer Networks Introduction: Web Hosting
05:52 Web Hosting Companies
19:30 Web Hosting
19:54 Free hosting
21:49 Shared Hosting
25:31 Virtual Private Server
28:36 Dedicated Hosting
30:31 Co-location Hosting
35:20 Reseller Hosting
36:12 Grid Hosting
37:04 Web Hosting Companies
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