How to Connect Visual Studio Code to Web Hosting Server | FTP Simple Configuration

How to Connect Visual Studio Code to Web Hosting Server | FTP Simple Configuration on VSCode
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How do I use FTP code in Visual Studio?
How do I set VScode FTP settings?
How do I set the working directory in VS code?

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How do I use VScode SFTP?
How do I publish a website using Visual Studio code?
Can you make a website with Visual Studio?
How do I connect my Visual Studio code to my browser?
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visual studio code edit from ftp
running the contributed command ftp config failed
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Connecting VS Code with a Remote Development Server.
Benefits of Connecting VS Code with Remote SSH to a Remote Development Server. In addition to the general benefits of using a remote development server described above, there are other benefits that are specific to using VS Code with Remote SSH. The biggest one is that remote development with VS Code is actually good and allows you to use your extensions.

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