RTX 4090 Trashes Old Ryzen CPUs – 2600X to 7600X Tested

What is the best CPU for a new graphics card? That’s what I wanted to find out by using the fastest GPU right now, the RTX 4090, to test CPU scaling on AMD Ryzen. Will a 2600X still last for a while?

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0:00 – The 2600X, 3600X, 5600X, 7600X Upgrades
1:48 – Sponsor Spot
2:19 – Test System Specs & Upgrade Issues
3:20 – How To Measure CPU Bottlenecks
5:07 – 1440p CPU Scaling
7:37 – 4K CPU Scaling
9:23 – CPU Scaling with RT
11:00 – The Ryzen 7000 Question

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