Nobara Linux Official: Can It Do What It Says?

As per request, I’m finally checking out this distribution, it took me 10 hours of my spare time to finish this video, so please enjoy.

Support Me By Checking Out The Gears I Used To Make This Video
1. Main Camera:
2. Main Lens (a-roll):
3. Secondary Camera(b-roll):
4. Secondary Lens(b-roll):
5. Laptop running Linux:
6. Editing laptop:
7. Monitor:

And as for the davinci resolve, I couldn’t edit on my nVidia laptop, I was faced with below difficulties.
1. the bluetooth wouldn’t turn on so I got a wired one for headphones
2. the external display has serious lag over usb-c (happened to other distributions before)
3. when imported mp4 file into davinci resolve, it has only audio (there is no faq on that), it might be because it is not working with nVidia gpu at the moment as I only see the wiki says AMD gpu.

0:00 – Installing Nobara Linux
0:32 – What To Know Before you install Nobara Project
1:42 – How to Install Nobara Linux
2:14 – How long does it take to install Nobara
3:08 – update nobara linux
4:11 – How to Install nVidia Driver on Nobara Linux
4:56 – overview of nobara linux (desktop)
5:32 – installing games on Nobara Linux (project)
5:45 – native Linux game on Nobara
5:52 – cities skylines XL flickering and crashes on Linux and fix
6:18 – witcher 3 and Divinity Original Sin 2 on Nobara Linux
6:30 – nVidia driver on Wayland for gaming
6:50 – Assassin’s creed on nobara project
8:55 – install davinci resolve on Linux (nobara)
10:00 – Will Davinci Resolve finally work on Linux?

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