Needed to learn javascript in 3 hours – would not recommend

In this video, I show you what happens if you procrastinate too hard and so had to learn javascript in 3 hours to deliver on a collab …


  1. Ahhh.. nothing is easy, yesterday i study python but now JavaScript haha and i compare python to javascript but i like JavaScript but i have problem to focus and pick between this two.. hysss 🤧

  2. Hey Tina, thanks for your vids! I too am way too good at procrastinating and thus face the same kind of, self-imposed, challenges as yours.
    You bring me some relief, and even some hope to someday be able to do things differently (yeah, your vid on life-changing habits helps too!)

  3. A lot of things to learn from you. Instead of staying in the guilt zone , you decided to take actions towards your goals 😊

  4. Wait can you explain further this youtube API? Im currently a beginner on JavaScript and I’m familiar with API but not much on it tbh

  5. Can you share about how you ace behavioural interview question and for junior data scientist interview, what kind of questions did you receive besides sql ones? I have been following you for half a year and found your videos very useful, and thanks to you I could land my first internship!!!

  6. Oh! This was learning torture. Java, Javascript, and C++ need at least 2 weeks for personal sanity.

    Also I like tge anime music background.

  7. Doing the whole thing in a panic makes all the difference, it transforms this video about javascript into a video about what it means to be human 😔

  8. I REALLY like the humour in this video and it's well edited. This just reminds me of my uni study, the total time I allocated to each course is counted by hours.

  9. Well. The less time is left the more productive I get 😛 But obviously it would be better to avoid the anxiety attacks haha

  10. Thanks for sharing, that was an entertaining video, and a well spent 3 hours. Perhaps you can try out Josh Chen's Animedoro (anime + pomodoro).

  11. i like how real this is. exactly what i am going through right now. from the procrastination to the looking up code on the internet

  12. @0:00…we've all said the same thing before. During finals I once binged FMAB back in the day and crammed my way to a manageable grade. Said the same thing….never again

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