I built a JavaScript framework

Learn how to choose a fullstack JavaScript framework by asking questions about your web app in a flow chart. If you’re crazy …


  1. Are we not at the point now, where inventing a new JS framework with top performance, given the billion in existence, would be less complicated compared to a new browser? Or maybe just a "simple" platform native app.

  2. this could actually become a solution for many the problem is, svelte syntax is hated way too much, and after using react nothing seems as easy

  3. Le me- who suddenly learned js🙂 in my mind- why i learn it! And now those frameworks i will mad 💢….. Python is best😂😂… But reality is far complicated

  4. Ionic also has web components with router and other things. If they include all the mentioned things they also become a competitor.

  5. I think my understanding of programming is sufficiently decent, but every time something comes up with web development on this channel, I am completely out. What the hell is going on with all this frameworks? It seems like entering web development is some alien black magic shit.

  6. What about angular universal for SSR? Is that not a good option / bad option ? Since you never mentioned it while making the decision ?

  7. Every time I feel confident about my web dev knowledge I watch Jeff's videos and realise how much I have to learn yet 🤕

  8. Didn't search engine improve the SEO of SPAs in the recent years? I don't think the SEO point makes sense even though I would agree that it is easier to handle with SSR.

  9. Reminds me of a song by Dylan Beattie “We’re gonna build a framework!”


    Us C++ programmers have it easy… want a desktop app with portability on all platforms? Just use Qt.
    If you want Unix only and a painful experience use motif! 🤪

  10. 5 days and it has 2k stars

    That moment when you create a framework for the memes but end up having an actual javascript framework that you'll have to maintain for the rest of your life.

  11. It would be interesting to see some Headless CMS comparisons.
    Many of them do have their own quirks.

    Contentful -> Paid For,
    Strapi -> Paywalled Features,
    Directus -> Free,
    StoryBlok, Sanity, Etc…

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