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  1. As someone who has written code in over 30 languages (at least 10 for production code, including Python and JavaScript), one of the most important attributes of a higher level language is for it to keep the programmer from making "stupid" mistakes. JavaScript is a complete fail by that criterion – it is very easy to write code that runs just fine and does something other than intended. Type conversion is one of the biggest problems – whatever you assume, there is a type conversion that doesn't work the way you think it does. As a result, I have converted one of my projects (which uses front-end code to make state-based updates to the user interface) from JavaScript to Typescript – and have found the number of coding errors that made it to testing decreased significantly. Some implicit type conversions worked just fine, and converting them to Typescript was a pain, but I think it was worth it for peace of mind.

    JavaScript and its ilk are fine for small projects and Q&D scripts, but I would avoid it like the plague for complex software. A new programmer could easily fall into bad habits.

    The good thing about assembler is that an assembler program does exactly what you tell it to do, and the number of instructions is limited. A language like JavaScript may exhibit unexpected behavior, because there are many constructs that don't work intuitively. (My intuition is not yours, but considering all the cautions I see about JavaScript, how it behaves does not conform to many people's intuitions.)

    Arguably worse, C and C++ have undefined behavior in certain, admittedly rare, program constructs.

  2. for someone who wants to be web developer/frontend/backend/full stack – javascript is better, because it's more related to web (it's everywhere – frontend, backend) and python is not frontend

  3. Hey I'm really new to tNice tutorials, my GMS doesn't soft the sa, more like a continuous buzzing soft, does anyone know what I do? I

  4. Yup, Python is awesome. I'm (mostly) a mechanical engineer and used all sorts, from MATLAB to C++, Javascript to Swift, and even a bit of Rust. Python is my favourite. It's such a flexible language for getting things working quickly and effectively!

  5. Hi, I'd like a video about Python vs. Java in regards to everything you mentioned in this video. Linguistic difference, Pros and Cons related to web development, Job prospect, etc. Anyway, I enjoy watching your videos. Thanks from Korea!

  6. I think the best balance is Python. Javascript is just TOO much freedom, where you dont grasp concepts that are important if you want to an engineer instead of a programmer. On the other hand, Go is getting really easy to grasp, I would recommend it over Python.

  7. Javascriptalone mat not be enough. Must also learn html, css, some sql, probably some php eventually.

  8. You said that a programming language should be learned well. In this case, which one do you prefer for someone who wants to study software engineering?

  9. In regards to programming languages. I made the choice to start with Java as I wanted to do Android development primarily. Turns out I never truly completed the Master's class because there is so much to remember and I just kept on forgetting stuff. So I moved on to Kotlin and that was a scam to put it mildly because Java is actually better. So I stopped. Forgot that I wanted to program. Then when my head was empty again I tried python. Now python can do a lot but not sure how it is going to earn me actual money so I am having regrets again. In the end there is to much info on every language the pros and cons. My advice is commit to a language and just learn it. Most languages share some characteristics so once you got your first language down the second one will be a tiny little bit easier "so they say" I am still not able to code and is in tutorial hell at the moment. Sucks but yea making mistakes part of the process.

  10. 2 months ago I started learning Python, I know only the basics and right now I'm doing this Odin Project curriculum and have to learn JavaScript to build web pages so this video came in the perfect time for me. I mean I like Python syntax but I think right now the front end path would be easier.

  11. Hi, do you think native iOS development is good option for full time freelancer? Lot of ppl saying that web is best choice here.

  12. I just learned the basics of python. I'm still confused where python/django is used in web development if it's only for back end , or full stack. Do I need to learn html/css/js to complete a simple website project with python and django or I can build one with just python and django? Btw been loving your content and ur python videos! Keep it up.

  13. Hey, I have been learning both languages simultaneously for some time. I would like to know what kind of projects as a beginner, I shall do to develop my skills and probably master the languages?

  14. I have seen a Jonas course on udemy for full JavaScript with crash course included on html and the zero to mastery on udemy course on python. You reccomdations please

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