Advanced VB.NET Programming – Serializing Objects with JSON

In this computer science programming lesson, you will what serialization is and why it is used. You’ll learn how to use VB.NET to serialize and desterilize an instance of a class via the JSON format. This can be used to save the state of an object to a file or a database, or to transmit object properties across a network. You will get the most out of this lesson if you’re an experience programmer and you are already familiar with object oriented programming, and coding classes in VB.NET.

00:00 Introduction
00:45 Serialization definition
01:41 The need for serialization
02:52 A simple custom object to serialize
05:05 Serialization with a BinaryFormatter (DON’T DO THIS)
09:12 WARNING about the BinaryFormatter
10:11 The JavaScript Object Notation JSON
12:17 Install Newtonsoft JSON.NET
14:05 Serialize an object to a JSON string
15:12 Serialize an object to a JSON file
16:53 Deserialize a JSON string to an object
18:40 Deserialize a JSON file to an object
19:47 Serialize properties of an object conditionally

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