EP 8 | Setting up Linux for MD Simulation | INSTALLING | Gromacs (Dirty) | VMD | GRACE


I am Dr. Dweipayan Goswami,

Welcome to my YouTube channel “Learn at ease”

In this Video I have explained how to setup Linux (Ubuntu) System to carry out MD simulations with Gromacs for which I have explained how to install Gromacs by dirty installation process and its uninstallation procedure, Installing procedure for Grace (xmgrace) and VMD

Codes used in this video will be found at Github :

1:00 Installing UCSF Chimera
4:00 Updating and upgrading Linux system, installing libraries GCC, Cmake, Build-essential and libfftw3-dev
6:05 Dirty installation of Gromacs
8:20 Installing GRACE-XMGRACE
9:30 Installation method for VMD
17:20 Dirty installed Gromacs not detecting NVIDIA GPU
19:08 Method to uninstall dirty install version of GROMACS