Hoisting in JavaScript 🔥(variables & functions) | Namaste JavaScript Ep. 3

Hoisting in JavaScript is the most famous Interview Question. And it is also one of the most misunderstood concepts in JS. This video will cover in-depth knowledge and fundamentals behind variable and function hoisting.

Hoisting as a core concept relies on the way how Execution Context is created. In the first phase i.e. the Memory Allocation Phase all the variables and functions are allocated memory, even before any code is executed. All the variables are assigned undefined at this point in time in the local memory.

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Topics Covered:
00:00 – Introduction to Hoisting in JavaScript (with examples)
00:54 – Variable and Function Hoisting in JS
03:02 – Definition of Hoisting
03:52 – Functions Hoisting Behind the Scenes
04:37 – Diving Deep under the hood of the JavaScript code
13:37 – Summary and Interview tip
14:12 – Demo of Call Stack in the Browser
18:23 – Teaser of the next video – How functions work in JavaScript?
18:38 – Thank you for watching Namaste JavaScript 🙏

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