#FamilyMovieConvo with Common Sense — THE SOCIAL DILEMMA

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PLEASE NOTE: The movie will not be screened during the event. It is available on Netflix.

The Social Dilemma is one of 2020’s most impactful documentaries and tees up timely conversations about mental health and tech addiction. The film follows tech insiders on their quest to educate the public about the many ways social media is constructed to manipulate users. The result is an addictive technology that even these experts say they have a hard time quitting and that can have serious, detrimental psychological effects.

By providing dramatized examples of how persuasive technology is working on us all, and by pointing to the prevalence of thought bubbles, rabbit holes, and conspiracy theories, the film has already provoked important conversations for parents and kids who have seen the film.

Join Common Sense as we tease out the issues presented in the documentary. This panel conversation, featuring the filmmaker, a journalist, a Common Sense editor, and a teen voice, will spark ongoing discussions in your households on topics close to all our hearts.

We recommend reading our review — we deem it appropriate for children 13+ https://www.commonsensemedia.org/movie-reviews/the-social-dilemma