Windows 11 vs Linux – Which one is Best?

Windows vs Linux As we all WIndows ios the most popular OS in the world and after that, we know already about the Mac os popular in Apple. But What about linux. In this video, let’s talk about Linux and compare it with the latest Windows 11.

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Intro: 00:00
Windows vs Linux History: 01:13
Windows vs Linux Ease of use: 02:35
Windows vs Linux Support: 04:02
Linux User base: 05:01
Windows vs Linux Hardware compatibility: 05:55
Linux in Windows: 07:03
Windows vs Linux Security: 07:41
Windows vs Linux Speed: 07:49
Windows vs Linux Update: 07:59
Windows vs Linux Privacy: 08:15
Windows vs Linux customization: 08:24
Windows vs Linux reliability: 08:27
Windows vs Linux Gaming: 08:44
Windows 11 vs Linux: 09:00
Conclusion: 09:56

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  1. After watching such comparison videos, I decided to give it a try. Since few months I have been using Ubuntu along side Windows 11. Me lifelong windows user and have used mac os for 1-2 months. Due to force of habit, I still keep using windows but lately, liking Linux more and more. Its a lot similar to mac os in terms of usage (since both linux and mac os are derivatives of unix).

    Here are some observations (me no pro user, just a daily user):

    1. Animations and transitions are more refined in mac and windows but in Linux, it isn't that smooth (My PC is quite powerful, legion Y740, 2019 model )
    2. Windows alternate apps like mail clients, office apps have old school UI. Finding alternatives will take an effort too but at the same time, you will get to learn and about alternatives. But if you are a developer, then pretty much everything you find in windows will have a linux option.
    3. Performance in Linux is FAR FAR better than windows. In windows, RAM usage is at 30% (of 16GB) even when idle but in Ubuntu, its only 10%.
    4. Windows is not even remotely close in privacy in comparison to any Linux. Have configured a vpn and now I'm browsing worry free
    5. Command line will take some time getting used to but the few ones I have used it so far, it feels faster than GUI.

    P.S. Please give Linux a try. Its like an arranged marriage. Initially it will feel new, strange, weird and awkward but slowly with time love will start blooming 😀😀

  2. Well, I got the first recommendation of this video, also it doesn't matter what operating system we use, Windows or GNU/Linux. It's better to know in what OS you're most productive and comfy. GNU/Linux is also a reason, for people who care about privacy. Some people mention I use Linux to sometimes they think linux make them cool where it's pretty like a piece of cake.

  3. I don't hate Linux.
    But the Harsh truth is:
    Linux is worst when it comes to user friendliness.
    Want to use a printer ? The driver installation will be a pain (for me at least). Apps Installing through GUI still sucks, 35-40% apps need to be installed through CLI. Why to look for alternatives always, even if there is a version of Major popular software for Linux, the version usability sucks. Linux on arm? Touch support, it sucked again.
    Well I used Linux for almost a year and half, and finally I will suggest any normal day to day user windows, anyday, anytime.

  4. Windows is a trash , that anti malware eats up ram . When it comes to update , Windows does this in a devastating way . " Please don't turn off your pc " and you cannot do anything until it finishes . You want to install a software? Click next , next , next , next ……. Next …. Finish . Window get slow down with time . Windows is customizable , i personally don't like the taskbar . How to remove that ? And fit something new!?

    You said wrong, linux has no hardware incompatibility . I have been using Linux for 5 years . But if you have AMD processors than you are blessed, linux runs on AMD just like Mac on Apple chips

  5. As a Full Stack Web and Mobile App Developer Using Arch (Endeavour OS) , I can state: Windows Sub System for Linux SUCKS 🤮.
    Customizing PowerShell 8 / 7 is terrible. If you don't have Windows 11 Pro, you cannot change a lot of permission for running scripts.
    I regret my decision of upgrading to win 11 PRO 😢since I have uninstalled it again after trying everything to make it work as flawlessly as I do on Linux.
    Had high hopes after Microsoft's Event 2022 but none even came close. 😞

  6. The distributions you mentioned are based on Debian lol, and linus torvalds just made a kernel (linux) linux isn't an operating system its just a kernel. Also android uses linux kernel i m not gonna watch entire video. Tumare gyan ki bareme pata chal gaya

  7. लिनक्स फ्री है पर ये समय और धैर्य की मांग के साथ साथ सीखने की प्रबल इच्छा रखने वालो के लिए ही है बाकि एक शब्द में कहे तो इसका यूजरबेस ही अलग है l

  8. I very much prefer Linux.. No antivirus is needed for entire life.. works smooth on low harware sepecifications. 20 minutes to install … Different flavours (more than 300 distros) Softwares are free (not pirated)… In hacking Linux is no 1..Windows apps works on linux through wine utility…Feel the freedom with linux, its your own OS. I do my 90% things on Linux… Future of Linux going to be great no doubt.. windows are used widely due to its marketing, not for its quality. Linux is very much better.

  9. Maturity is realising that no platform is the best. It all depends on your requirements, the apps you need, the flow and the interface you prefer. Even for development environment you should pick the OS where your application will finally be used or hosted. And many people think that linux is secure just because its open source. Granted that with open source anyone can lookup the code and fix the vulnerability, it also goes the other way as exploits can be found easily by directly looking at the source, no need to reverse engineer. Currently, linux is relatively secure due to low market share and people who use it are generally more technically literate thus making malicious programs for it doesn't make sense for the hackers.

  10. I am watching the video on a linux Ubuntu dual boot in my laptop. XD
    I noticed it after I started the video that I am not in Windows but linux.

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