1. awesome set of tutorials.but the cording is bit hard to follow with the videos.is there any chance you have the full project code ?? if there is it would be great.thanks in advance

  2. How to create get live socket data(example:pet365 live website) with c# ,i want windows application…any link is there plz

  3. can you use the port 80 as the server port and the client port , so there is no need of port forwarding if i need to send bytes via internet to another pc across the globe.?

  4. I haven't done anything with servers before and this is a great video to start. You are going quite fast but by mentioning everything i can google the answers that i need. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Your attempting to call Application.Run with your entry point.

    Application.Run can either be call without arguments (Which just starts a message loop) or you can begin the message loop with a specific form.

    Such as: Application.Run(new FORM_NAME());

    If you named your form Main then I suggest using the namespace as well.


  6. Hi silent, why I am getting this error : main is used as a type!!!
    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Net;
    using System.Net.Sockets;
    using System.Windows.Forms;

    namespace Multi_connetions
    class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
    Application.Run(new Main());

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