1. I have connect my android app to Sal server and save images in table but it is very slow .
    It takes around 5 seconds to show each image.

    How can I develope my app to be like whatsapp to show data offline from local database and retrieve also from remote Sql server database

  2. Greetings,
    I have follow your sql connection string guide, I have develop one waiter app which is run on localhost. It is working properly if I install apk directly. but if i install via play store, I can not login. Can you help me about this.

  3. I have Implement this code in my app. I have install build apk on my android it working well. but After store .aab file on play store and then download and install . I can not login. Can any help to me?

  4. Sir background video recorder app se hum Jo video record karte hain vo video app banane wale ke pass bhi save hota hai kya

  5. Thanks for sharing, for those who still cant connect to MSSQLSERVER. DO THIS : go to file Project Structure——-select dependencies—-declare dependencies –click "+ "(plus)——-select 2) JAR/AAR dependency .ADD THE JAR FILE " jtds-1.3.1.jar "to your current project C:UsersUSERAndroidStudioProjectsMYMSSQLSERVERDATABASECONNECTIONapplibs (this info can refer from other youtube how to add dependency)

  6. thanks for the tutorial. Will this still work for a remote linux server? what are the process/steps that I should take?

  7. Hi, my name is Rifqi and I come from Indonesia, currently in my country everyone is playing Higgss domino island, can you make cheatss / mod apkk / tricks tricks that are not detected and can used in the game? please help sir, so that our family life can change, good luck,.

  8. hello im new to this android studio and this sql thing. After following your tutorial and run it on my device and got FAILURE, may I know what is the problem and how can I solve it ?

  9. I followed all the steps but have an error in SQLException. It shows "Login failed for user 'test' ". Can you help me? Thank you!

  10. oh my fking god i did it
    u help me so much man, after several hours struggling this shjt
    anyway a very detailed tutorial video like this is very helpful
    thank u so much

  11. Thanks man. This video so great that you have show data from SQL to textview in app Android. But now 2021, I have try many way, it really not workings that when I click button, no event listener appears. Can you help me? Thanks a lot.

  12. It is working smoothly if app and Sql server on the same network but not working if MS SQL server and phone are not on the same network? How can i do that?

  13. Hi Thanks for the info. One question, how can we host the created sql server database to internet and can use it from multiple devices that this app installed…

  14. It totally work from the emulator in my computer , but I get Failure whenever I tried to run the app in my real phone. Please help , why is that?

  15. Hello there,
    I wonder what would we do if the server IP changes in PROD version? We usually hire db server from a hosting company . So, they do not guarantee IP won't change. Any clue about that?

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