Difference Between C, C++ and C# (Sharp) Explained in Aasan Bhasa | Padhega India

Aaj hum janege ki C, C++ or C# (Sharp) me asli antar kya hai wo bhi aasan bhasa me or konsi language kaha use hoti hai or kon kisse behtar hai.

#c #cpp #programming
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  1. Good way to teach with fun 😅 Maza aayaor samjh bhi aaya. Plz dusri language ka oneshot baanaye or doubts bhi clear karte rahey.

  2. please stop your fish market tone and non-funny jokes of your uncle Bill, try covering more technical things, in a professional manner.

  3. bro can i work for you can i upload videos for web 3.0 like block chian // vr ar mr xr technology and meta verse

    what do you think bro tell me please **

  4. average level khowledge & High level BakChodi. Try to be funny in other ways, I was not able to connect throughout the video. knowledge was good but the tone was disturbing. No Hate

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