Learn JavaScript in 7 minutes | Create Interactive Websites | Code in 5

Learn how to make your websites interactive with the JavaScript in 7 minutes! We’ll review some basic HTML/CSS concepts as …


  1. The informations given in this video are "good" in terms of quality but very useless in terms of quantity, meaning that you can't really do anything with it…
    except what was shown in this video ofc, but this only covers like 0.1% of what you would actually need to know to make an interactive website, even a very basic one, and it only explains what the code do rather than explaning why it is coded the way it is, which is the most important part to explain when teaching how to code in any langage.

    Like what is "document." or ".innerHTML"…

    It is not my intention to be mean but this video is very useless.

  2. The other beginner videos for Javascript I've been watching only do stuff within the resulting HTML page's console, so this video was awesome for me!

    It feels great to see some javascript activity change the page itself.

  3. The Javascript is running on your local file system and not on the Webserver. Would be helpful if you explain the difference! Nevertheless a cool video! Thanks a lot! 🙏

  4. Could you write a few books that help us practice bash scripting, javascript, C++ and Java? There's a guy who wrote a few books like this with Python. Asked him to do the same for other languages. No response. Even a virtual book that you sell for like $9.99 each. You'd make a mint.

  5. Perfect, this is the type of tutorials I'm looking for. Do you have one with only bash scripting, excluding the command line tutorial? You have such an infectious personality. Love it, don't change my friend.

  6. basically 6 years old vid but has taught me what i needed to know in a VERY easily explained teaching style . i hope you have a lovely 2022!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Just started leaning js and I think you should put the js script at the end of the body or even after the body.
    If you put higher up your html code may not render. Js is pretty crazy

  8. great tutorial but for some reason i cant get the count down to work on my browser. i have spent close to an hour testing what could be wrong i even copied and pasted your original code, changed the dir to my own but still it doesn't want to work. anyone else having the same issue??

  9. Thank you! This is the best. Several months ago I started studying JS and after 8 + hours of not seeing it do anything to a website I quit and learned Python/Django instead. It would be great if all tutorials started out like this, right away showing what it actually does and how easy/useful it is to implement!

  10. wow.. love it..
    I have seen tutorials of many people but I like yours, you have explained very simply…

    I saw your tutorial for the first time, and I like it very much, please make more videos by doing similar JavaScript..& please Make video on slider using JavaScript, and make video on responsive navigation using JavaScript..

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