How it feels writing your first program in C# versus python…


  1. Before the C# devs make that angry "YOU DON'T NEED THOSE USING STATEMENTS" – this is a joke, and yes obviously the using statements auto populate when you create a new Visual Studio program, and No I am not saying one is better than the other. Please everyone relax.

  2. Hey you dont need all of that for hello world in c#. Just Type Console.WriteLine("Hello World");
    In program.cs. nothing more. That's all

  3. the python is script [base language], like u did open a file and go on but C# is a compiler [base language] so they are built different and also we use them both, in special cases.
    An other point is we use .net command line to make project it's obvious no one start an application by typing those stupid "using"s
    in case you made this short for fun it's good but compare them is like compare dogs with cats :)))

  4. You don't need any of that code for a small C# program.

    Why did you put an emphasis on the tabs? C# doesn't follow that awful off-side rule, like Python.

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