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  1. தமிழ் பேச கேவலமா நினைக்கிறாங்க, ஆனா Hollywood போய் பட எடுத்து block buster பண்ண முடியில.
    அப்புறம் ஏன் இந்த சீன்? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. PS1 is doing good, atleast have some minimum courtesy to give some royalty to Writer Kalki, then you can think of doing a film for kamal.

  3. Ya He is so much true to his conscience and indirectly agreed that he doesn't have story. The one he took Nayakan was exact copy of God Father's (Indian version.) Story.All his stories were copied Or other Versions.

  4. The reason y Maniratnam didn't make a movie with Kamal after Nayagan is – Kamal interfered in Nayagan script a lot nd almost changed the actual climax of the movie!!

  5. As much as Nayagan was and is a masterpiece. I think people forgets to celebrate Thalapathy in such a way also. For me, that Mani Ratnams and Thalaivar most underrated movie

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