1. Hi man, thx for this video. but i got a problem.. it calls Strict WArning (162) reference to undefined property realms.. do know what to do ?! can u help me!?

  2. Error in Sonic (sonic.js #6) General is not defined (Area: 1, Ping:62, Game: Olmcbxswjaelpfr)

    Whats that? Bot is not running, just stands in town. I hope you can help me.

  3. What do you do when your classic sorceress is say lvl 26 and spamming teleport with no mercenary and no insight,. Can you turn of the use of teleport somehow on a classic sorc?

  4. hey kolbot Forever can i put the leader script and follower skript in this file, with the battle order skript in bots?.My target is make a barbar witch follow the sonic bot only for battle order? Or make a barbar leader and the sonic bot follow him. :). Or i take a issue with the config, sorry for my bad english but i think you know what i mean.

  5. I'm using this bot now and it's working great. However, my bot has reached 85 and I'd like her to stop removing equipment and dropping it on her own. I'd like her to just keep certain items she finds and leave the gear on that I equip her with. Is there a way to do this with this specific bot? I basically don't want to keep losing my MF gear when I want to exp her.

  6. when I pass sonic to kolbot or to another computer it tells me that the password is incorrect, is there a solution?

  7. I'm guessing this bot no longer works. I have tried installing all versions that are available. Most recent copy just creates a new account with random log in information not based on the information entered and only starts an account in Europe even though I selected USEast. The other 4 are more promising. After going through the initial set up it will load the account I have already set up and pull up the character. Once the character gets into random game half a page of nip errors are displayed on the screen. Char will wait in game for 6 min and then try again. If anyone has any ideas what I'm doing wrong let me know. The final error is "c1General is not defined"

  8. Hi @Kolbot Forever. As there will be reset soon is there anyway to run 4 sonic bots in the same game? Giving party helping each other and so on?

  9. Kolbot Forever, not sure you still use this but I was having an issue where it kept saying my password was invalid. It wont make a new account like your video did. Is there a way to get it to run a char on an existing account?

  10. Found where to set game name & password in profile…

    Line 614: d2bskolbotD2BotSonic.dbj

    Change to: ControlAction.createGame((gameInfo.gameName === "?" ? randomString(null,true) : gameInfo.gameName + gameCount), (gameInfo.gamePass === "?" ? randomString(null,true) : gameInfo.gamePass), Account.get().difficulty, StarterConfig.CreateGameDelay * 1000);

    If you leave account, password as empty quotes "" when setting up your Settings.json file it will use what is entered into the Profile.
    If you have an already existing lvl1 Sorc you want to level leave charName empty in Settings.json and then add the char name to the Profile

  11. My character stopped in act 4 at q with killing diablo. She had little life before, so she left the game … after reconnecting she does nothing in the city. How to fix it?

  12. Next problem. The sorceress is lvl 24 skipped act 3 with her teleport and is now act 4. Why doesn't she kill all monsters in each act! I am a 1 hit, play hardcore. It's crazy all for free when she dies !! I have chicken at 65 and cure drink 85, I hope she doesn't die. If Sonic doesn't have hardcore mode, you can recommend something.

  13. @Kolbot Forever can you help me? My Bot Sorce lvl 23 Sonic 1-99 is in Akt 2 and makes only tombrun,tombrun,tombrun! Why doesnt he kill duriel? All Monsters one hit! I am at a loss

  14. is there a way to run it through on an existing account/character already started? for example rush from act 1 hell instead of starting on normal etc

  15. ok was able to get it to baal and it keeps runing baal on normal lvl of hero 28 …. does it need to lvl up more or i have to change the dificality my self?

  16. can you just edit a kolbot to pick tal rashas set and level up a character i cant setup that thing just goes random latters ….

  17. Do you have any information on how long it takes to level? Like 1-30 2hours 30-50 8 hours and does is the pickit GG based? Any information would be appreciated!

  18. have you had any issues where the game just stops and you have a connection interruption? it ran to lvl 70 first time around and then started resetting lots so i deleted the toon and started over, but now in act two its constantly resetting if im not watching it.. plz help

  19. has anyone tested this out on hardcore? just made one testing it out would like some feedback if theirs anything i should change in the script

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