Javascript Functions & Parameters | Javascript Tutorial For Beginners

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Getting Started With Javascript | Learn Javascript For Beginners

In this video series we are going to learn modern javascript from scratch. This video is recommended for anyone wanting to learn javascript the modern way with ES2015. No previous programming knowledge is required, so this video series will help you learn javascript as your first programming language.

We will also cover how to create functions and use them to write clean and scoped code in javascript. After we are going to create a simple function that is going to take a string and uppercase it for us once we invoke the function.

Finally we are going to look at 3 different ways of writing a function. The ES6 being my favourite, arrow function.

Things covered in this video:

How to create a function in javascript.
Different types of functions we can use.
How to add parameters in functions.

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  3. One more sub for you! Thank you so much Ed! Thanks to you, I now see why functions and their parameters were driving me crazy. And yet, it's so simple. Thank you again.

  4. The problem is when I do….

    function logger() {
    const name = "Joe Bloggs";
    console.log("Party Time!");
    console.log("Party Time!");
    console.log("Party Time!");
    console.log("Party Time!");

    the name variable is available. I think things have changed.

  5. in the last way of writing function how do i write function name like function adder. where to add adder that you have done in the addition function.

  6. Finally i found a teacher who can teach me programming.I now believe that it isn't impossible to learn.your methodology is really awesome bro

  7. Is it required for web development this part of js?
    Or web dev works just with the dom, and website interactivity.

  8. i dont get any of this madness bro
    hold shift and type DEV ED
    what is you doing why do i need that๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
    in just joking dude thabk you for video but i dont understand shit about java script and have no money to buy course wish me luck

  9. Call me dumb but I had to watch like 3 or 4 videos until I watched your tutorial to understand this concept. Subscribed!

  10. This video is great Ed! Fantastic representation of Functions! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I did we have to create the new 'upperCased' variable inside the toUpper function? I noticed that the name variable did not turn into uppercase, by just declaring the 'text' variable and using global scope. Can we only use outside variables only by declaring new ones inside functions?

  11. what is the difference between, using parameters and declaring the variables in global scope and then calling them inside the function? is it would demand more memory?

  12. This is literally the best video explaining functions that Ive seen, I have been using Treehouse so I know a little JavaScript already but this, this could've saved me alot of time had I found it earlier.

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