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Need to deliver a presentation in a Zoom meeting on iPad, but haven’t rehearsed it enough, let alone memorised what you want to say? What you need is a Zoom teleprompter for iPad. This free and easy to use App called Prompt+ will allow you to read a script whilst using a teleprompter to keep eye contact in Zoom.

No longer do you need to look away form the camera while you read your notes. Prompt+ will scroll your script right next to your iPad’s camera, so it appears as if you are looking directly into the camera. Prompt+ also works on Mac, Macbook, iMac and iPhone. And you can use your iPhone as a remote.

You can create a script, import a script and play the script all whilst during a live Zoom meeting. This is the best Zoom teleprompter App for iPad and Mac iOS.

πŸŽ₯ How to use Zoom Teleprompter on Mac:

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⏱️Timestamps⏱️ for “How to Use Zoom Teleprompter for iPad”
0:00 How to use teleprompter in zoom on iPad
0:54 Step 1: How to download and install Zoom teleprompter Prompt+
1:10 Step 2: How to enable multiple apps on iPad
1:31 Step 3: Import or create a script in Prompt+
1:53 Step 4: Learn to use the controls
2:21 Step 5: Optimise Zoom teleprompter settings
3:02 Step 6: How to read a teleprompter script and keep eye contact in Zoom
3:16 Demonstration recording of Prompt+ Teleprompter App for Zoom on iPad
4:09 Other uses for Prompt+
4:26 When to upgrade for the paid version of Prompt+
4:48 What to do next to Level Up Your Video Skills

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