Awesome Things You Can Build With C# | Why Learn C# in 2021?

Why should you learn the C# language? Along with .NET, C# is one of the most powerful, flexible tools available in 2021.


  1. I tried many things like js,react,python,next js,django, C#. If you want to learn language, start with csharp. It will be so detailed and time consuming. However, you will be very confidnet once you understand oop and so more. Python and js have oop but it is not so much clear. You can build games,console apps and web with C#.You can understand how computer works and why coding makes life easier with c#. Think about that you have a company and you want to give assigments, promotion and control your employees. Object Orientad Programming with C# is like that. You can control everything with logical code system C#.

  2. Correct me if i am wrong but c# and .net does everything but not good as other stacks or languages. For example i cant find evidence that MS use blazor on their website. And most shocking one is that they built Teams and Vscode on electron js framework but not with wpf. And .net updates are so fast and backward compatibility is not great as java.

  3. Sir I have just started to learn c#. I learn trough tutorials till my cours in academy starts in November. I hope that I will have some basics before that. My question is: how much I need to know to get entry in some jobs?

  4. I am about to lose my mind. I am a second year computer science student. I recently learned Java and some GUI components in java and connected a Database to it as the project. Now, I see that all of the stuff we did is also possible with C#. I tried to learn Web development, HTML, CSS, JS, then at the back-end there were many technologies – Frameworks – like Django in python, NODE.js and many more. Frankly, I see that all of that is possible with C#. On the other hand, I saw another video where a Java expert says all the thing possible in C# is possible with JAVA. I am totally lost, I really don't know my focus point now. Please Let me know, if you have any suggestions where to go from the point onward. OHHH

  5. Ever since i started learning and working for 2 consecutive years now, with C# and ASP.NET Core (which is AMAZING), I will never ever leave the .Net framework. C# is a very fast, easy-to-learn, sophisticated (behind the scenes) and flexible language that i wish i had started my programming career with it. Of course every knowledge and experience is very much needed it in anything you do, but after discovering this awesome language and a very clean framework, I really love my job as a software developer. Microsoft team is doing an amazing job, with their technologies.

  6. I'm a begginer learning JavaScript, but i wanted to learn a BackEnd language instead of node.js. Is C# a good choice for that?

  7. It was nice to know that c# is not dying in the world of JavaScript frameworks & libraries like react, vue and Angular.
    Glad to find this video. Really big motivation out there for C# developers..

  8. Thanks, i didn’t know you could do all of these with c#. Now I am even more motivated to learn it. Thanks! Also your channel is great and underrated

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