Crashing Evil Daniel's Birthday Party

I can’t believe this happened when the game master network crashed Evil Daniel’s birthday party. It all started when Rebecca Zamolo created “Surviving 24 Childhood Fears in 24 Hours.” Next Matt Slays posted “Overnight in the Worlds Most Dangerous Bed.” The Game Master Network made “We Went Through Our Enemy’s Camera Roll and Found This.” Are we even safe? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2022.

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  1. Evil Daniels with daddy you've got to go to the warehouse the reason why I know this is because I watched your video before and you need to get to the warehouse please give me a birthday shout out please

  2. My rb I put something in the house get out house there md I put something under chair u sitting

  3. Maddie is stuck from evil Daniel Maddie was about to say he’s back in the brick in the cabin but that’s evil Daniel and even a child and Maddie helper

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