Drew McIntyre whips Karrion Kross: WWE Extreme Rules 2022 (WWE Network Exclusive)

Drew McIntyre viciously whips Karrion Kross during their Strap Match at WWE Extreme Rules 2022. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.
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  1. Who can forget the first Strap match at Extreme Rules 2009 between Umaga and CM Punk. Umaga's last match in WWE before he tragic death the same year. R.I.P. the Samoan Bulldoizer 🙏

  2. This match sucked. The ending was lame. I would have rather seen Drew lose cleanly to a choke hold than be pepper sprayed by Scarlett. Karrion Kross is looking weak instead of strong. I am willing to bet Karrion will not last 1-2 years at most. Karrion Kross is the new Mojo Rawley.

  3. for years i have seen several people saying that Baron Corbin was one with no skills, but look now Baron Corbin has gone through a great evolution and gets better with each passing year, what makes me sad is that even though he improves people still point to him as a guy with no skills and these people who speak ill of him are the same people who idolize Karrion Kross, a guy who is 10 times worse than Baron Corbin

  4. Como vendieron humo con este karrion kross,, lo unico bueno que tiene es su theme , es sper lento y pesado, que aburrido es verlo "lucahr" mira que drew es grande pero a dado combates muy buenos, en cambio karrion kross todos los combates iguales,, muy lento y pesado arriba del ring

  5. Este hombre de donde aparecio porque solamente tienen nombre de luchador si la mujer no lo ayuda no sirve para nada

  6. They should have made this a one sided match with Karrion Kross winning. Drew is at the stage where a loss wouldn't ruin him.

  7. Actually it's was not free and fair match,,,,why should some people interfere……. I hate when I see someone winning unfairly… The Only solution is for Drew Mclntyre to find a backup or someone who will stand on his back…. You shouldn't be alone because You are being played unfairly most of Drew matches looks like He will become a Victoria's but some people will always interfere..Why … 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

  8. dear triple h we should have a match between edge and the demon finn balor in hell in a cell in crown jewel without interrupts from the other three members of the judgement day

  9. What is more of a joke Kross or Wyatt????? Kross has a great promo but his wrestling is no where near is promo. This was the worse match of extreme rules. Right now the jury is out on Triple H bringing this Kross dude, Wyatt, Johnny Wrestling back. There is a reason Vince got rid of them. Think time will tell because Kross and his act is lame right now. To let Drew lose to this guy like this his crazy. This guy is overrated. Who has he wrestled on the roster???? All BS. Everyone praising Triple H when he starts releasing and renewing contracts let's see if everyone will still feel the same because some of this stuff like this Kross stuff is shaky. Not impressed.



  12. So if his wife can attack Drew with pepper spray then next time can Drew punch her in the face as well? Or kick her face as well? I just wondering! Not a great example to this double standard match when a woman can do anything nasty to a man but men can’t? 🤣

  13. Una verguenza que semejante musculos dependa de su mujer para ganar una lucha , en ves de ser lucha libre deben de cambiarle de nombre xq da risa ese contenido

  14. Waiting for Kross ⏳ to battle The Tribal Chief 🦁 (🏆🏆)! Either Kross will Cross Choke out RR or The Tribal Chief 🦁 will Guillotine Choke out Kross? Tick Tock ⏳

  15. Drew will need a means to neutralise Scarlett, and as it’s WWE we can rule out Angela the sword, perhaps a fellow Scot, count 2 on the main roster and 1 confirmed in NXT

  16. The match was slow paced and hard hitting. Yes, Kross may not be agile or do anything exciting. But I think that’s how his character is. Slow, techinal, in ring psychology. His moves may not look good but for sure they are impactful. It’s his first PPV. Give him time

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