Why C# is the Best Language for the Future

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  1. I started learning code with Java, then I just got a job as a Fullstack C# Dev. We are developing softwares focused in engineering. And I was kinda sad thinking .NET was not good for the future because we only see people talking about trend languages you know… But now that I'm learning more, I'm very happy to be working with C#. Now I wanna expand my knowledge to other .NET features (beyond WPF ) , is crazy how many things are possible to do in this framework

  2. top 2 reasons why c# is the worst language in the world:
    1) pascal case method names
    2) new line curly brackets

    Most of your points… are not valid. Angular and react are the future of web dev. Python is the best language in the world.

  3. About 10-12 years ago, I was a C# guru, I completely switched to PHP and now I feel like I have to go back. Thankx for this video.

  4. I would love to learn either C# or Java, those are beautiful languages. But I have some college but no degree, but I live in New York City, so the jobs exist around my area. But If I am not in the tech field but I've been learning for the past 4 months for web development using JavaScript. But if I decided to learn either C# or Java, are businesses hiring those who don't have college? Or are they still sticking to the trend of requiring a CS degree? That is the only thing holding me back from learning either Java or C#. What would you recommend?

  5. Hi developers!
    I could not find answers for my questions on Google so I ask them here. Hopefully someone knows the answers:
    What is the best way to create GUI Apps?(no java, no python…I built a simple todo gui app with python but python is really slow in compare with c++, Java and JavaScript)
    Which one is better to create modern and fast GUI Apps?(C++ or C#)
    What is the best GUI library to build GUI Apps with C++?(microsoft library, no third party library)
    I tried to add Windows UI library(Microsoft.UI.Xaml) to an empty project in visual Studio but I could not find the library in the search in NuGet. Thank you for your time and answers

  6. why web development is stuck for Javascript? is there a no future without it ? can you explain guys? especially Front-end

  7. Honestly @Chris Hawkes you motivate me a lot.
    I am working in a Software company as a backend developer c# and most of the time Front-end devs are making fun of me that you are with very old technology need to update yourself but honestly, I can't leave .Net after these several years. You teach us f***ing statements that we can defend. Great buddy God bless you!

  8. I only use c# because that’s what unity uses. This is very informative so I am considering a change so can people tell me the difference between Java and c#

  9. Chris, would you make a video about Python and C#. Why is it that many developers don't call software engineers people who know Python. Like you can be a developer and such, never a true software engineer unless you know C, or C++, Java, C#. Why do these people look at python programmers that way?

  10. I'm a *nix and C++ bod and even I have to admit now, especially with dot net core as well, there is nothing as well designed and pleasant to use as C#. If you want to use low level stuff then use C and for multhreading and networking Go probably has a slight edge but for 95% of the work, using anything else now is just silly.

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