【Classic Car ChitChat】 Chevy’s SSR Convertible Truck – Here’s Why You Should Buy One!

Classic Car ChitChat : Chevy’s SSR Convertible Truck – Here’s Why You Should Buy One!

Chevy’s SSR Convertible Truck – Here’s Why You Should Buy One!

In this 33rd video you will get to see a 2003 Chevy SSR. This car is unmistakably one the coolest vehicles on the road and guaranteed to turn head. It is a cross between a truck and a convertible. It is a powerful muscle car with an incredible engine with an unbelievable 0-60! It is practical and fun to drive and has the power for burnouts too. The colours just pop on these cars, with the added fact that so few were made over 4 years they are made for collectors. If you can buy one – They are guaranteed to make you money as a collector car in the long run!

In case you are keeping Track this is Episode 33 of Classic Car ChitChat Videos!

I hope my Classic Car ChitChat video’s make you smile. I do them in my spare time because I truly love cars and my intentions are simply to honour the beautiful cars I get to see and to really understand the passion and love of the vehicle by the driver (or caretaker as Jay Leno would say) of the car. I also understand too that my videos perhaps lack the polish calibre of great YouTubers like: Doug DeMuro, Scotty Kilmer, and of course my favourite Supercar Blondie. I also know that I can’t even come close the quality & finish you get from the likes of Jeremy Clarkson and the boys at Top Gear. I think they use a little fancier equipment than my little iPhone… LOL

Mission Statement:
My Objective through creating these videos is to shine the spotlight on people who love their vehicles whether it be a car, motorcycle, or even a bicycle…. Bottom line is if it has wheels and you love it then let’s show that passion to the world!

Equipment Used:
Camera – Just an iPhone SE (Nothing fancy – which proves anyone can use whatever you have handy to make a video… you don’t need really expensive equipment)

Gimbal – DJI OM4 – For that ultra-smooth cinematic look. (To be honest… still not quite sure how to use it but one day I will figure it out!)

Audio – Rode Wireless GO II (I gotta be honest… this is really the biggest investment that was made… I wish there was a cheaper option but after the first couple of videos I soon realized that audio quality is important and hopefully better than the onboard mic on the iPhone!

Contact Details: If you have any questions or just want to chat you can reach me through all the (non-traditional) typical ways through the following:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/classiccarchitchat/
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Email – [email protected]

If you have read this far, then I thank you. As always, I truly appreciate your “thumbs-up”, and by leaving your comments it demonstrates to me that I managed to get you involved and hopefully made you smile. Most importantly when you subscribe to my channel then you are truly acknowledging my effort to help share with others like you my passion and love for “all things that have wheels” and honouring the people who take care of them.

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