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C# Programming in Tamil.C# basics for beginners in Tamil. Complete the C# course in Tamil. Learn C# basics in a single video. I am teaching C# tutorial for absolute beginners in Tamil. This video contains topics like function, dataTypes, and Arrays in Csharp in Tamil. This Channel is teaching programming Language and also provides interview tips in Tamil and English language.

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table of contents:

-00:30 Introduction
-03:00 Install Visual studio
-8:20 Create project
-9:40 Heirarchy
-10:40 Inputs/Outputs
-14:00 Hello world
-15:50 Main method
-17:09 variables
-20:38 dataType
-23:00 var keyword
-25:00 Const keyword
-26:10 Descision Making
-30:00 switch statement
-37:00 Important Notes
-38:40 Loop statement
-48:10 Diff while & for loop
-51:00 Diff break & continue
-58:30 Array
-1:11:30 Functions
-1:15:00 Important Notes
-1:24:00 breakpoint(visual studio)
-1:27:00 Methods
-1:29:00 Return type in Method
-1:30:10 String
-1:36:00 Conclusion


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