【AdGuard】 AdGuard DNS 2.0: Your Privacy Control Center

AdGuard : AdGuard DNS 2.0: Your Privacy Control Center

AdGuard DNS 2.0: Your Privacy Control Center

AdGuard DNS 2.0 is a new tool that gives you control over all your devices.

Try it here: https://adguard-dns.io/

With AdGuard DNS you can:

💻📱 Manage all devices
Set up your own servers and connect any device to them: your computer, mobile phone, router, or smart TV. Protect all your family members or company employees.

📊 View stats
See full stats: how many requests were sent and to which companies or countries, how many of them were blocked and by which filter. Filter stats by date, country, or device. Block, unblock, or modify requests to domains on the fly.

🍼 Shield your kids from undesired content
Turn on Parental control to block adult websites or decide yourself which domains are not appropriate for your child. Schedule the time when Parental control is on: don’t let your child use social networks during homework or surf the Web late at night.

🔮 This is not the end
We have lots of plans for the future which we haven’t yet implemented.

1. A better integration with AdGuard VPN. You can already use AdGuard DNS alongside VPN on Android, Windows and Mac, we’ll soon add iOS to that list.
2. Integration with AdGuard Home is also planned for the future.
3. We don’t want to stop at just DNS. The end goal is make traditional content blockers redundant (yes, this means making AdGuard redundant as well). This is of course a long shot, but reaching this goal requires more than DNS.