【thirty】 A free VPN you can trust — Cloudflare Warp

thirty : A free VPN you can trust — Cloudflare Warp

A free VPN you can trust — Cloudflare Warp

Cloudflare has added a free VPN offering to their service. What sets it apart from other VPN’s, and why you can trust it.

Cloudflare Warp: https://cloudflarewarp.com
Blog post: https://blog.cloudflare.com/1111-warp-better-vpn/

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Video Timestamps:
▪ Introduction to Warp: 0:00
▪ Download: 1:26
▪ What makes it different: 2:05
▪ Speed test with Warp: 3:05
▪ Speed test without Warp: 4:02

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