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  1. Hello I want to create a indicator containing following condition, last five 1 minutes obv in 5 minute chart.
    And coded it as follows

    Study (title = "OBV" , overlay = false)
    len1 = input(5 , title = "Length")
    Out1 = security(tickerid, "1" , volume)
    a = (change(close)>0 ? out1 : change(close)<0 ? -out1 : 0*out1)
    b = sum(a , len1)

    Here I want obv of last five 1 minutes not previous obv' s
    That means if I am checking a 5 minute chart at 12.13 , I want obv values starting from 12.10 to 12.13. (the 12.10 candle)
    If I am checking at 12.17 , I want obv values starting from 12.15 to 12.17(the 12.15 candle)
    But if Check at 12.13 trading view fetch last five 1 minutes obv starting from 12.9 to 12.13
    If Check at 12.17 trading view fetch last five 1 minutes obv values starting from 12.13.
    Here I want the five obv values for a specific 5 minute period . If the 5 minute candle is half formed (checking a 5 minute candle before it is completely formed that is checking a 12 .30 five minute candle at 12.32) That means checking a five minute 12.30 candle at 12.32 we can see only three one minute candles and their obv . So I want the obv of that 3 candles. If Check the at 12.33, we can see four one minute candles and I want that 4 one minute candles obv sum and as follows.
    How to code it please reply …

  2. I can connect my brocker to TradingView and I want to open and close positions automatically. It is possible to automate this process with PineScript?

  3. Hi zen , cud u plz advise , does any of courses covers the following a)setting alerts on MTF using single script . if I have watchlist of 150 stocks and needs alert on 5 different time frames like 1hr, 2 hr , 4 hr, 1 day and 1 week.its practically not gud idea to create 750 alerts .b) i am aware u r covering HTF but if i want to make sure LTF texture is gud using any indicators.can we code on how MA are aligned in lower timframes or where is RSI in lower timeframe c)generate alert before candle close

  4. Really nice promotion video!! Which I already had the time to properly trade and learn coding basically. Sooner or later I will come back to you ๐Ÿ˜Ž

  5. nice work man, i have learnt a lot throw your videos, and honestly algo trading is the way to go, no emotions no second thoughts
    if all the filters and conditions meet it will take a trade simply and with back testing you get to know what is the best SL and TP for each pair success rate which can be taken as an RR if you are using a 1:1 RR ratio, so overall nothing beats algo trading!

    can't wait for the release of your v5 tutorial

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