C# Beginners Course: Conditions (if Statement)

Video lectures for my C# beginners course at the HTL Leonding (https://htl-leonding.ac.at). You can find the slides for this course at https://htl-leo-prog-1.github.io/programming_fundamentals_cs/.

Please make sure to watch the previous videos of this course (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhGL9p3BWHwsJN6kbQPOVZpEw2NXQXZQN) in order to have all the necessary prerequisites.

00:00:00 Welcome, introduction
00:00:53 The “if” statement
00:04:18 Random number generator
00:05:51 Example: Number Analyzer
00:07:59 Example: Rock-Paper-Scissors (Roshambo)
00:11:51 Enhancing our code with constants
00:13:52 Example: Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock
00:20:10 Boolean logical operators
00:25.56 Examples: Boolean logical operators (Lego pieces)
00:33:08 Example: Flat Evaluator
00:35:57 Pro Tips: Pattern matching
00:37:50 Closing

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