Setup Microsoft Sql Server development on linux | Ubuntu, MSSQL, Azure Data Studio

Setup Sql Server development on Ubuntu linux using Azure Data Studio.

Linux Software Repository for Microsoft Products :

SQL Server Ubuntu Microsoft Documentation :

Azure Data Studio Documentation :

Step 1 – Install Curl
Command sudo apt install curl

Step 2 – Add Linux Software Repository for Microsoft Products

Step 3 – Add Sql Server Software Repository

Setp 4 – Install Sql Server
Command sudo apt install mssql-server

Step 5 – Configure Sql Server for first time
Command sudo /opt/mssql/bin/mssql-conf setup

Step 6 – Install Azure Data Studio


  1. I thought about to move on Linux Ubuntu but i am .net developer( i dont know what can i do Visual Studio 2022 not have for linux Visual studio code is simple for c# idk i am using .net core with mssql Thank u mssql is ready in my mind only .net ….

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