1. I always wanted to create a video spoof using Rocky III clips. The first fight would be when Mahomes lost the Superbowl. Create a second Superbowl rematch but use the Rocky III second fight and replace the faces with Mahomes and Brady fighting. I did a really good Avengers Infinity Wars trailer sound background with clips of the Chiefs vs Bucs but didn't post it on Youtube because I didn't want to get sued by the NFL for using their clips or sued from Marvel. The timing on the video when Brady Thanos started talking when walking out in a promo was perfect. I am sure this clip would have got a ton of hits.

  2. Gonna add this to the soundtrack of this game, which also includes Beck’s cover of “Old Man”, and all the mic’d-up stuff, which I hope includes CEH

  3. Got A Guaranteed Prediction
    Against the Falcons expect a pre-determined win for Tom with Easy-Level special teams, offense and defense from the Falcons. The game will be an utter farce with Tom's receivers left totally uncovered as Falcon defenders retreat and are hard to spot on the field.
    Falcon pass rush will appear weakling and cowardly making sure to give Tom infinite time to throw and no hits.

    Falcon offense will seem amateurish and commit numerous turnovers as well. Game will be a guaranteed win for Tom since he's not allowed to lose three in a row.

    Tom will advance his record to 61-3 versus the Falcons, Cowboys, Vikings, Bills and Bucs. An absurd .953 winning percentage against NFL competition. Only achievable in scripted games with pre-determined wins.

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