apt, dpkg, git, Python PiP (Linux Package Management) // Linux for Hackers // EP 5

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0:00 ⏩ Intro
1:54 ⏩ Coffee and PWNBOX
2:23 ⏩ what’s a Linux Package?
2:41 ⏩ Linux Package Managers
3:16 ⏩ dpkg (installing .deb packages) (Package Manager)
5:39 ⏩ why dpkg is DUMB!!
6:22 ⏩ APT (Advanced Package Tool) (Package Manager)
6:46 ⏩ installing packages with APT
8:59 ⏩ repositories (what is THAT??)
9:23 ⏩ apt update
9:53 ⏩ looking at the sources list
11:43 ⏩ what packages are installed?
12:47 ⏩ UNINSTALL Linux Packages (remove)
13:50 ⏩ updating your Linux system
14:28 ⏩ upgrade VS full-upgrade
15:09 ⏩ aptitude (Package Manager)
15:47 ⏩ SNAP! (snapd) (Package Manager)
17:38 ⏩ PIP and GEM (Python and Ruby)
18:39 ⏩ GIT (install custom Hacking tools)
19:46 ⏩ git clone
20:52 ⏩ pip3 install -r requirements.txt
22:43 ⏩ REVIEW

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