(N22) Servers and Service – AD, DHCP, DNS, Outlook revise

(N22) Servers and Service – AD, DHCP, DNS, Outlook revise

(N22) Servers and Service - AD, DHCP, DNS, Outlook revise

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Servers and Services

Peer to Peer
Server and Client

MS Exchange –app – Mail Server
MS IIS — role – web server
Tomcat – app/package – webserver/appserver

Workgroup and domain

AD Domain – Administrative boundary of users and Computers

Active Directory – AD – ADDS(Active Directory Domain Services)
-AD Database – stores information of users,groups, computers, resources and services
-Authenticate & Authorize – users when they login to domain (computer)

AD Database – NTDS.DIT
Authentication – Protocol – Kerberos -88, LDAP – 389

-Service from Microsoft Windows server 2000, 2003
-ADDS – from windows 2008 server

-DHCP Server assigns/configures ip address to the client devices automatically

-DNS Server returns ip address of a device/host in a domain
-open https://www.w3schools.com , system dont know ip address of www.w3scools.com
system sends request to dns server for ip address of www.w3scools.com
The DNS server returns ip address of www.w3scools.com

-Mail client app
-Office suite – word,excel,powerpoint, outllook
-Mail communication we 3 protocols – SMTP,POP3,IMAPv4
SMTP – 25 – outgoing mails – send mail
POP3 – 110 – incomming mails – retrive/recieve
IMAPv4 – 143 -incomming mails – retrive/receive

POP3 – cut and paste – once mail downloaded into local PC (using Outllook) , mail deleted from server
suitable for small size MailBox-single client — need backup
IMAPv4 – copy and paste – mail available in server even after downloaded into local PC
– multiple client app support -suitable for big size MailBox

outlook datafiles
.ost – offline storage table – mail server is microsoft exchange
.pst – personal storage table – mail server is other than microsoft exchange

-Virtual Private Network
-Accessing remote private network through public network(internet) via VPN Server,
using Tunnels(PPTP,SSTP, L2TP,IKE,.,),encryption
-accessing remote private network resources through internet, like access through same LAN network

Proxy Server?

Office 365 ?
Cloud ? .

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