MSSQL – How to configure SQL Proxy and Credentials


  1. I'm having a big issue trying to get my Proxy set up: I am able to create a Proxy for "SSIS Package Execution", but after I create it it shows up under "Unassigned Proxies" instead of "SSIS Package Execution", thus not allowing me to use this Proxy account to run any of my SSIS packages when I go to create jobs for them. If I click on the Proxy account after I create it, all of the options are grayed out. I suspect that this is a permissions issue of some kind, but do you know how to solve this issue? Thank you very much.

  2. Another thank-you! I was also having difficulty getting my package to run, but I created a proxy account per your instructions, and it works great now.

  3. I have a scheduled SSIS job that supposed to be triggered by 2008 R2 SQL Agent. But when SQL agent run that job, it was done in 5 seconds without any error. Obviously there was not result. After watching your video, I created a proxy account and…… VIOLA !!! …SSIS job run perfectly. Thanks a million.

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