Evolution of the Alphabet | Earliest Forms to Modern Latin Script

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  1. Etymology of education: E DU characters (English alphabet) systematized by Seolchong (person's name) in ancient Korea.
    《EDUCATION = 이두깨쳐느》

    The present English alphabet is the script used by the ancient Slavic tribes, and the letters were not systematized in each region. It is the English alphabet that the ancient Koreans ruled as the imperial family and systematized the characters. Latin means Slavic language. This is systematized by a man named Seol Chong in ancient Korea.

  2. Discarded Arabia and Persia ! And going straight to Greek , and before doing so you do not fail to mention Hebrew… spoken by people who “invaded Canaan/phonics lands and their language! (Although Canaan are originally Arabic !)

  3. Thorn is still used but most people don't realize it. Whenever you see something called "Ye Old Pub" or something with Ye in it the letter you think is y is actually thorn. One of the reasons thorn likely got tossed was because it had transformed to look too much like the letter y.

  4. just wanted to point out we dont make a gu sound every time we say Γ, gu its a sound for the foreners to pronounce it easier
    also it ain't a phi (Φ). Τake the word philanthropy. Say it but stop at the phi. As for xi and chi again the sound is similar but its easier for foreners to pronounce them, I can found words that the sound is the same as we say then=m

  5. Like names…..letters stuck. Like when the name Jennifer seemed to emerge as popular, it was the number one name instantly. People like routine. It really doesn't surprise me letters stuck. Notice the first letter has a dominance to it. Well, we remember the first one. Middle stuff always hazy if it gets transferred.

  6. I know the Greeks Greater Perfect System is tied to this and the division of the musical octave is what gave the Greek alphabet 24 letters. It's the 2 lights of the Bible. A great 12 to rule the day and lesser 12 to rule the night. The reason for why this is tied to the western musical scale is because at the end of the day words are sounds, no different from the sound of music. There's a science behind the relationship of the pitches we call consonance (like consonants) which is harmony and it's hidden within the pitch of a tension string, it's divisions or ratios. We call it the word of God. Even the pyramids are connected to the science of sound and ultimately letters which are symbols to form words which are sounds.

  7. When I was little in Spanish they had made Ch it’s own letter. They ended up dropping it from the alphabet. We do however have the letter ñ which I believe in the old days was written gn together.

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