How To Code An ATM Console App In C# | Programming Tutorial For Beginners | Visual Studio 2022

Hey Everyone! In today’s video, we discuss how to code an ATM Application in C#. ATMs are simple and easy to use banking …


  1. Thank you so much for this video, it's really simple and easy to understand and I had so much fun practicing all these😃🙌.

  2. Very good, however I had a little problem following your solution. I used a pin of 0000 for one of my entries, when running my program If I input 0, 00 or 000, it doesn’t catch the error

  3. Why cant i call Functions from the same class without writing "className.FunctionName();"
    and I have to reference the class in a virable in the main method "var className = new classnametype"
    You seem like you do it without referring to the class

  4. I’ve never really understood the {get; set;} thing despite reading/watching about it 1000 times. I followed your tutorial here and thought “wtf are all these short, repetitive methods?” Then it hit me! HOLY SHIT THIS IS WHAT GET; SET; IS! Not sure if teaching that was your intention, but it was a big moment for me. Thanks. Request: connecting to SQL. ( I’ve tried 3 different ways and I still suck)

  5. Really nice video, I'm learning about inheritance and polymorphism, is there any way that I can try and add them into this program? I highly appreciate your answer.

  6. Hello Shaun, I just start learning C# and want to fill my GitHub with projects. Your videos are really helping me to achieve that. I just want to ask a question, there is a comment "check against our db" and below that a => a.cardNum == debitCardNum code.But I can't reach a.cardNum.It does not show it and gives error. Why is that?

  7. Awesome tutorial. Would be cool to do another project similar but adding a design pattern such as MVC or Layered Pattern. Thanks again 🙂

  8. Hi. Thank you for your lesson.
    I have aquestion at 12:16 – how do you get access to variable "a.cardNum" if its Modifire is a "private"?

  9. Very nicely explained, thank you. I am trying to learn C# and make as many projects using C#. I have subscribed. Thank you again 😊 👏

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